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Farewell DewDrop Webs

The blog that accompanies this site is enhanced by a theme called Mysterio, created by DewDrop Webs.

Dewdops on web

I haven't put their web address here (as if you couldn't guess it) because they've ceased trading. I checked the site for updates, and there it was - gone!

(Actually there was a page saying that they were no longer supporting the site, with no forwarding information.)

The people behind it are anonymous (don't you hate that?), so I must say my thanks to the four winds and wish them all well in whatever they've moved on to.

[ Post-Script: the blog has died completely, I can't kid myself otherwise. ]

Hastings Pier - with guest pictures by Jiminy Lumix.

Last Poppy.


Church Tower.

Last of the Summer (whine).

Spear of Destiny.

Among the Ruins.

Along Came A Spider.


Gone Fishin'.

Oases of Light.

The Harveys Brewery.

The Grangel.


Sunset on Trees.

Average Sized Redwood?

Dark skies.

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