Watching the World

The League of Gentlemen: The Graingel?

The Grangel?

As you approach the roundabout at the entrance to the town of Royston Vasey, home to the League of Gentlemen, an angel looks down upon you. [Assuming that it is possible to look "down (up)on" something.]

This one, which isn't that one, needs a bit more sprucing up when I've got time. I do like the grain though.

It isn't either Angel of the North, but it's a bit further north than I (usually) am.

Hastings Pier.

Last Poppy.


Church Tower.

Last of the Summer (whine).

Spear of Destiny.

Among the Ruins.

Along Came A Spider.


Gone Fishin'.

Oases of Light.

The Harveys Brewery.

The Grangel.


Sunset on Trees.

Average Sized Redwood?

Dark skies.

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